Unlike some 'Damp Surveyors/Specialists', we wont diagnose the cause of a damp problem by ONLY using a damp meter.

It is well known that these meters do not measure damp, they measure conductivity, and so in many circumstances they can give false positive readings.  

Our Surveys include MOISTURE PROFILING - and whilst we will start our investigation with a moisture meter, plotting readings recorded on a grid of the wall, we will then use this information to highlight areas for more indepth analysis.

Further tests can then include:

Calcium Carbide testing (extracting a sample of moisture from the wall  to test if it is dry at depth - high readings from a moisture meter could just be moisture on the surface of the wall.

Salts analysis, examination of the wall/floor junction, borescope inspection to determine the condition of cavity wall, cavity wall insulation and wall ties, and even a drone survey  (if this is deemed appropriate).

We can also undertake psychometric testing of the internal atmosphere which will include relative humidity, vapour pressure and temperature analysis.  If the cause of any issue in the home is found to be one of condensation,  advice on controlling moisture created, optimum heating and ventilation routines will be given.

Someone who only uses a moisture meter is not able to offer this level of analysis and is very likely to misdiagnose the problem!

Drone Surveys

Instruct us to undertake a drone survey of the roof and chimney detail and this will include a visual inspection of the roof timbers and a scope of any works identified.  You will then be able to pass this on to contractors to gain quotes for comparison with the confidence that any major defects have been identified.  We are also able to offer drone post inspections to confirm work has been completed as agreed with your chosen contractor