Damp Survey

Following a report completed by an RICs Valuer, I was advised to get a Damp and Timber specialist to check the walls of my new home for damp.  The Damp 'Specialist'  quoted £6000 to complete the works.  I got a second opinion from Ian and Julie they completed a proper damp survey for me.  They advised that NO WORKS were required .... the issue was simply one of condensation and NOT RISING DAMP. 

Ms Croft



We delivered our ‘Building Pathology and Surveying Methodology Training’, to Technical Inspectors from Riverside and Evolve. 

‘We have had some extremely positive feedback on the training session, and believe it has been successful in providing all attendees with the capabilities and the confidence when diagnosing root causes of Condensation, Damp and Mould in the future’ – Riverside Manager’s comments following delivery of the course.

The training, specifically designed for Social Housing Surveyors, Technical Inspectors, Day to Day Repairs and Void Team Leaders, focusses on good practice and the recommendations of the Housing Ombudsman’s Report – ‘Spotlight on Mould and Damp, it’s not a Lifestyle’ and the recently revised British Standard 5250 – 2021 Management of Moisture in Buildings.

Classroom Training included Surveying Methodology, Common Defects, Diagnosing the Causes of Damp, Moisture Profiling, Destructive Testing & Atmospheric Analysis.

This was followed up by hands on session in a void property where attendees put their learning into practice including undertaking calcium carbide and salts analysis testing.

Delighted to say we are rolling this training out across the country for Riverside and Evolve with five further training sessions booked in.

Think this training could be of use to your technical staff?  Please do contact us for further details

Damp Survey

Two separate contractors told me that the tanking on my basement flat had failed - both quoted thousands to rectify the problem.  I sought a second opinon from Damp Survey UK - infact that tanking hadn't failed, the problem was actually one of water ingress - a leaking gutter needed repairing and internally there was another defect that was allowing the water to enter the flat  - minor works in comparison to what the two contractors had recommended - not only would it have cost me a fortune, what the contractors suggested would not have solved the real problem.  Can't recommend Damp Survey UK enough, they definately know what they are doing, very professional and fantastic report telling me all I needed to know about solving the damp problem at my flat



Damp Survey

The vaulation survey for my new home suggested that there could be a problem with damp in my living room as there were  some visible damp patches and the wall paper was lifting.  Two contractors diagnosed rising damp.  I wasn't convinved so I asked Damp Survey UK for a second opinion.  They found the real problem was a rainwater pipe that was discharging outside of a gulley and some minor voids in the mortar on the external wall were allowing this moisture to make the wall damp.  The repairs were minimal and the what they recommended has definately solved the problem.  Would highly recommend this company, very good at what they do.

Mr Bay