About us

  • Our Surveyors have RICs Accredidted Degrees In Building Surveying
  • Over 35 years experience in the property industry
  • Clear concise reports backed by scientific evidence
  • Unbiased surveys with a record of saving customers money
  • Why choose us?

Our Surveyors are independent from any building or damp proofing companies and are totally unbiased.

Unlike other Damp Surveyors, we won’t try and sell you solutions that may not work. We work with the sole purpose of trying to find the cause of your penetrating damp, rising damp, mould and condensation problems and create a report with photographic evidence to show what the cause is and the best way to fix it.

That is why as Independent Surveyors, we do charge a fee for our services.

However, we have a proven track record in saving our clients £1,000's by correctly diagnosing the issue